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WCPT AM & FM is collaborating with non profit organizations, grass roots consumer groups, government agencies and the business community, to engage in a public and consumer outreach campaign. We are educating our audience and the community at large, on the local food and farm economy in Illinois and how to make it better

WCPT’s Sustainable Food Fundamentals is sponsored by Pearl Valley Eggs, an Illinois family owned farm, embracing sustainability and providing superior quality food. Do you know that we’re in the middle of an epidemic? Far too many Americans are overweight and childhood obesity is rampant. For the first time in our history, American children may face a shorter expected lifespan than their parents. And much of it is because we don’t think about the food we eat. We don’t know how it’s grown; what’s in it; and we don’t know where it comes from. But that’s changing, keep checking Planet WCPT for more information on this important topic. Also, please support Pearl Valley Eggs and their focus on quality. Pearl Valley Eggs is an Illinois family farm doing it right! Pearl Valley Eggs are available at quality grocers in the Chicago Metro area. Insist on them where you shop! For more information, visit www.healthygro.com.

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Why this is important…

The current U.S. food system is the cause of many of theproblems that make headlines every day:

• Public health problems:
– Epidemic of chronic childhood diseases (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease) related to food
• Economic disinvestment:
– Illinois consumers spend $48 billion on food; but more than 95% of that food is imported from outside Illinois
• Waste management:
– Food waste and organic matter are filling up overflowing landfills
• Energy use:
– Average food items travel 1500 miles from farm to plate
• Climate change:
– The food system -- production, processing, packaging, storage, waste handling and transportation -- accounts for one-third of  greenhouse gas emissions
• Food insecurity:
– Food deserts exist in Illinois' poorest communities and growing food vulnerable (children, elderly) populations in all communities
• Personal and community demoralization:
– Urban and suburban populations are removed from ability to attain a basic survival need
• Lack of community resiliency to address all these problems

• Natural or human disasters may affect food supply and grocery distribution

WCPT's Growing Local Urban Farm Initiative Includes

 • Regular segments on Mike Nowak Show
– Urban Farm Report
– Weather report for people who depend on it for a living
– Local Food and Farm Market Report
• E-mail blasts to WCPT listeners (events, news, programming, legislative alerts)
• Weekly tips and information
• Live broadcast from urban farms in 2010 and beyond
• Two town hall meetings on food, farm, and community revitalization

Topics Include

• Farmers markets
• School edible gardens
• Community gardens
• Urban market gardens
• Backyard farming
• Micro-processing in community kitchens
• Co-ops, buying clubs
• Cooking and nutrition classes
• Food security
• Food systems curricula (high school, community colleges, universities)
• Job training for youth
• Green job vocational training
• Re-entry job training programs
• Mobile meat processing unit
• Produce mobile sponsored by food banks
• Cafes, restaurants, gathering places





For more information of Local Food, Farmer's Markets, Gardening and more...visit:

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The Illinois Department of Agriculture is sponsoring a campaign called “Illinois…where fresh is” To help promote eating healthy and buying locally in Illinois.  For more information on the campaign visit our website www.illinoiswherefreshis.com.
Also, to find out information about the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the programs, services and grants we offer please visit our website at www.agr.state.il.us.


Local Farmer's Markets

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Local Conservation Groups:

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The Conservation Foundation
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Lake County Forest Preserves
The Chicago Wilderness Coalition
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